Safe chemical free cleaning products.  Superior cleaning products for ALL of your household cleaning needs.


(Drop-Off Service)

Deep cleaning services available using our drop-off service. Drop off your Area Rug(s) to our office and we will professionally deep clean your area rugs. Note:  Rugs are usually completed within 3-5 days.  Heavily soiled rugs may take up to 7 days.

Note:  We also provide area rug cleaning at your home.

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Do you remember how exciting it was to move into your place when it was new, fresh, and clean? Let's see if we can help you reinvigorate that feeling. A clean home is a happy one and a clean office is a productive one. By enlisting our services, you're not only getting a new lease on your place, but you're also removing potentially dangerous or allergy-inducing elements.  We offer chemical free cleaning products that you can use in every area of your home. Do you enjoy the feeling of a product working the way it is suppose to?  Well our products do with

HOME & ESTATE professional carpet cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning services!  We use the extraction process with a deep cleaning solutions to brighten and rid your carpets of stains.  Our solutions disinfect as well as deodorize your carpets, leaving them fresh and sanitized.  All solutions we use are safe for children and pets.  If you are completely satisfied with our carpet cleaning services, we recommend quarterly, semi-annual or annual deep carpeting cleaning, depending on your needs and the foot traffic on your carpets.

floor care essentials

Powerful Stain Remover


Advanced Odor Eliminator

Powerful Stain Remover:

This most effective stain remover works on a variety of surfaces:  Carpet, Upholstery, Tile Grout, Food Stains, etc. This non-toxic and biodegradable solution can also be used to break up tough grease some paint stains!

Note:  not publicly sold, but is offered to our new and existing customers for $14.95

 Advanced Odor Eliminator

This is our most effective odor eliminator which is highly effective on: vomit, urine, mold, fungus, smoke and other known odors.  It also functions as a deodorizer which is also non-toxic and biodegradable.  This powerful solution destroys the source of malodors and penetrates and is not a mask or cover up.

Note:  not publicly sold, but offered to our new and existing customers for $9.95

home & estate floor care services

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We provide high quality upholstery cleaning for your Couch, Love Seats, Chairs, and for your Vehicle.  Our detailed upholstery cleaning removes, stains and odors from all of your upholstery to give it a deodorized and sanitized result.!